Four Books, Two DVD’s and an online portal for you to log into every day so you can learn on a continuous basis. No course with just books alone can teach you the practical applications of the knowledge gained through the course unless you are being guided on a daily basis until you fully learn to invest on your own.


2 financial-ocean

1st Book. The Financial Ocean. This book is based on the same methodology that is used till this day on Wall Street to teach the complete A to Z of Stock Markets from a novice to a would Wall Streeter. You will learn more than most of the stockbrokers of Pakistan. All concepts, theories, practicalities of the capital markets. There is nothing which is missed in this book.

Snapshot Of The Fundamental And Technical Analysis. After you finish reading The Financial Ocean, you will be given examples of how to identify a company on a fundamentally sound basis and if you are a Day Trader, how to identify basic trends through technical charting. You will have the most advanced charting available to you through our online portal for members only. As a course investor, you qualify automatically for being a portal member.

3 snapshot
4 mind-&-markets

Mind And The Markets. This is the most essential book for you because it talks about how to use emotional control, mental discipline, control over impulse buying or fear based selling, every mental strategy and technique is taught to you by MirMak who used them for his own success on Wall Street for decades. It is this secret which makes an investor successful in stock markets. No Wall Street CEO or Founder has ever taught these secrets to anyone before in the history of the financial markets.

Virtual Trading Platform. Most of the mistakes are made by investors due to the unfamiliarity of the market facts, trading platforms, market understanding etc. The best way to combat this and win is to trade and practice “Virtually” first. And for this purpose alone we have gone into a contract with a U.S. Based S&P Capital IQ Partner firm to not only provide the people to trade virtually to practice but also win a Rs 1 Lakh every month. This is not a brokerage house competition but rather a virtual competition only designed for Mind and Markets investors.

6 virtual-trade
7 Online Portal

Online Portal. This portal is designed so once you finish the course, you can log in everyday as many times as you want to get practical tips, ideas, video interviews of CEO’s of listed companies, Technical analysis, Fundamental research reports, articles about the markets from around the world, Charting techniques, Daily calls, SMS and other alerts etc.

The Positive Pakistani. This is a book for your daily motivation. MirMak is one of the most sought after motivational speaker around the world and the most followed Pakistani on this subject on social media. The only Pakistani with over 10,500 followers on the professional Network, Linkedin, with over 28,000 followers (Not likes but followers) on his personal FB account and over 91,000 likes on his FB Official Fan Page. This book will help you towards creating a positive mental attitude, self motivation for all ages and genders and will guide you in all aspects of life including personal. It a prerequisite to success in the capital markets that we create a positive mental attitude so we do not get effected by negativity and make irrational decisions which will either create a loss financially or prohibit us from being profitable.


#MirMak as your Market Mentor. The best thing you will have is the access to MirMak everyday so you can continue to learn the markets from him until you decide to go on your own. His personal favourite stocks for short and long term. His daily technical calls if you are a day trader. His free seminars (Only for the course investors) in all major cities around Pakistan with nothing further to buy at the seminar. Nowhere before in the history of capital markets has an Ex wall Street CEO has given direct access of himself to the investors on a daily basis, no matter where he is in the in the world, he will keep you guys updated through this portal.